Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

We have created this area to cover most frequently asked questions. This section is updated now and then when new questions arrive. If you have questions, get in touch with @Dan and chances are high that your questions will be covered here.




 I cannot sign up! Where is the confirmation email?

  • When you sign up here, our system will send you an email to confirm your account. If you don't receive it, chances are high that our email ended up in your spam folder. That said, chek your spam folder and you will most likely find our email there.


 Is there a fee to create an account here?

  • Creating an account is free. There are no fees or costs to create an account. Simply sign up, confirm your account and enjoy our artist community.


There are no smilies in your forum!

  • You got that right. Our forums are a place to discuss. There are many people who are obsessed with smilies and this often results in over-usage of smilies. We want our members to focus on content and not on smilies :)


What is a Team account?

  • If you are an artist, our standard account will do the job for you. The option to create team accounts exists for individuals who want to create a team. A team account basically enables members to create and manage a team of artists. A team can consist of up to 10 members. Team leaders are able to add and remove artists from their team at any time without having to ask our staff. Team members are able to upload items to their team automatically. Team account profiles also list all members of their team, which results in additional exposure for individual artists.


What is a PRO member and how do I become one?


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