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Your inspirational resources?


Everyone experiences an artistic block every now and then, so to help some of the members that may be going through them now, let's post some of our favorite places to look for inspiration.

As a photographer, I follow a lot of photography pages on facebook. is my favorite, they post a lot of incredibly high quality work. For art in general, I enjoy following They share some of the most unique projects I've ever seen.

Whether it's an art site, an individual artist, or whatever else, where do you guys find inspiration?
Posted 1 year ago

500px is really great, I enjoy most great work. I didn't visit the site yet, but I see a lot of their work on twitter and most pieces are really impressive.
Posted 1 year ago

I used to have alot of sites I used to look at, but I pretty much lost them all. So I should check out 500px since I have a major block right now
Posted 1 year ago